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Mittwoch, 15. März 2006

Grimme Award 2006 for "Stromberg"

"A further award for ‘Stromberg’! It’s fantastic that it is the Grimme Award this time. This is satisfying, motivating and recognition all in one", says the "worst boss ever", Christoph Maria Herbst. At the 42nd Adolf Grimme Awards Ceremony, writers Ralf Husmann, Moritz Netenjakob, Lars Albaum, Dietmar Jacobs, Ron Markus and "Stromberg" actor, Christoph Maria Herbst, were able to accept the award for the Best German Series. In the "Series and Multiple-Part Shows" category, the BRAINPOOL production pipped three public broadcaster formats at the post.

The series "about everyday office life" had already been nominated for a Grimme Award in the Sitcom category in 2005 as well as receiving a nomination for the German Television Award. Christoph Maria Herbst was presented with the Bavarian Television Award and the German Comedy Award for Best Actor. This year, BRAINPOOL will be producing a third season of the cult series for ProSieben.

And BRAINPOOL was happy to accept a further award: the BRAINPOOL co-production "Hierankl" (BR/ARTE/SWR), by Hans Steinbichler, received an Adolf Grimme Gold Award.

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