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Montag, 13. März 2006

Top sport and top viewer ratings: Joey Kelly dethrones the "Wok Georgie" at the 4th "WOK World Championship"

Joey Kelly is the new Wok World Champion. On Saturday evening at Stefan Raab’s "WOK World Championship 2006", the most successful Wok sportsman of all time pushed title defender Georg Hackl off the Wok throne. "Wok Georgie" only made second place. At the Olympic run in Innsbruck/Igls in the Austrian Tyrol, Wok sport inventor Stefan Raab took Bronze. Excellent ratings for ProSieben: 20.7-percent market share and winner of the day among the 14- to 29-year-olds.

In the Royal Category, the Four-Man Wok, the multiple Winter Olympic medal winning stars Sandra Kiriasis, Silke Kraushaar, Susi Erdmann and Christoph Langen were crowned World Champions. The two-time title defender from the "ProSieben Fairytale Hour" Wok team was not able to continue the successes of the past years. The team around captain Bernhard Hoëcker and Wok veteran Stefan Gödde ended up with a thankless fifth place.

And ProSieben recorded a success outside of the bobsleigh run as well: the grand battle between the three main contenders, Georg Hackl and his challengers Stefan Raab and Joey Kelly, was watched by up to 4.66 million viewers from the age of three. In the advertising-relevant target group, the average market share was 20.7 percent. Among the viewers between the ages of 14 and 29, the market share averaged 31 percent. With this result, the Munich-based broadcaster was clearly the day’s market leader and also in the timeslot between 8:15 p.m. and midnight in the young target group on Saturday evening.

Along the 1,270-meters bobsleigh run at Innsbruck/Igls, the 50 sportsmen and women had to contemplate a total of 14 bends. To this end, the 0 °C air and -7 °C ice temperatures were absolutely perfect – even for the more than 10,000 ecstatic spectators lining the run. The temperatures guaranteed swift descents on the ice, something that DJ Bobo was able to tell a story about as early on as the afternoon training session: in his Four-Man Wok, he smashed his head against the ice in the dangerous No. 9 bend. The result: a broken helmet and a nasty slash under his eye. Presenter Stefan Raab commented: "The bad news is that DJ Bobo has been injured. The good news: he will never again be able to dance." DJ Bobo took it all with humor: for the duration of the competition, he camouflaged the plaster over his cut as the Swiss flag.

The reigning World Champion Georg Hackl went into the race as the favorite in the Single-Wok discipline. In 2004, he had taken the title from Stefan Raab on the same run. And he himself set the standard very high two years ago: with 1:00.570, he had the run record in Igls prior to this year’s race. Even at the start, he was confident: "I am certain that I will win this competition." And he was also able to fulfill the high expectations. Even during the first run, the World Champion notched up a new run record (58.264 seconds). And he was rewarded for this at the finish line with a kiss from ice fairy Sonya Kraus, who interviewed the competitors in the finishing area dressed in diamante-clad pink overalls.

But the dream of a hat trick of titles was not to be. On the fast ice run, one record followed the other. In the end, it was Joey Kelly who was leading the field with a top time of 1:54.395 following two runs and he could not even be beaten by Stefan Raab. But was it all above board? Rumors spread throughout the pit stop that Joey Kelly had helped himself, and his wok, with more than 50 kg of lead weights. Joey Kelly: "Who doesn’t bulk up here?". But it was nonetheless a successful evening for "Wok Georgie": "The highlight of my season this winter has clearly been the ‘WOK World Championship’."

The true star of the evening was "Germany’s Next Wok Model" Bruce Darnell, who – with just under three minutes – brought up the rear. "That was just a test run. Next year I will really speed things up", announced the catwalk coach of "Germany’s Next Top Model". And the runners-up plan to compete for Gold in the Four-Man Wok again next year: Kai Böcking, Norbert Dobeleit, Patrick Kühnen and Simon Gosejohann who came second and Mark Warnecke, Markus Beyer, Dieter Thoma and Björn Dunkerbeck who took Bronze. The surf professional was particularly pleased with Bronze, as he had slid the last 500 meters to the finishing line on his backside. And for 2007, Stefan Raab stated – in an interview with Sonya Kraus – that he would "win a title again next year".

Basis: all television households in Germany (integrated television panel D + EU)
Source: AGF / GfK Television Research / pc#tv aktuell / SevenOne Media Marketing & Research
Created: 12.3.2006 (provisionally weighted: March 11, 2006)

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