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Freitag, 17. März 2006

Welcome in "Ladyland"

After the "Ladykracher" sketches were normally delivered short and sweet and with a bang, Anke Engelke reveals a further aspect of her talent in "LADYLAND". Not the in-your-face comedy, this time acting is the focus of the short stories. In each episode, Anke Engelke embodies another female character: sometimes hard as nails, sometimes gentle, sometimes tragic, mostly funny – and always 100 percent Anke Engelke, the woman with the thousand faces.

Her female characters in "LADYLAND" offer her with the opportunity to slip into the most diverse roles. In doing this, she does not draw on a fixed cast, but utilizes the skills of various acting colleagues, including Peter Lohmeyer, Hilmi Sözer, Mark Keller, Christian Tramitz, Heinrich Schafmeister, Gruschenka Stevens, Bruno Eyron, Moritz Lindberg, Bettina Lamprecht, Michael Lott, Christof Wackernagel and Bernd Michael Lade.

The "LADYLAND" short stories are tales taken from real life: surprising, exciting, giggle-inducing, hair-raising, crazy and sometimes also tragicomical. Just (well, almost) like the things that happen every day all over the world. The three short stories in each episode of "LADYLAND" always have the same starting point, which runs through the plots like a common theme: in a hotel lobby, at a gas station or, for example, in an office building – where different people meet (all played by Anke Engelke), bump into each other by chance without realizing what stories the other has to tell and just how serendipitous their coincidental meeting is. They encounter unusual, emotional, witty and surreal situations that turn their lives upside-down. The audience accompanies the respective characters in their own, personal stories.
In each episode Anke Engelke slips into very different roles: she is an arrogant real estate agent, who suddenly finds herself in a cow shed, then she is the diminutive clerical worker, who has a marksman suddenly stationed on her balcony, then an aspiring Minister with an alcohol problem, a hotel receptionist with artistic ambitions or a bimbo who actually receives a text message from God.

"Ladyland" – from March 20, 2006, every Monday at 10:15 p.m. on SAT.1

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