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Donnerstag, 19. April 2007

Stefan Raab won’t be beaten / fighter pilot Heiko experiences Mr. Invincible’s comeback in “Schlag den Raab” (Beat Raab)

In the fourth edition of “Schlag den Raab”, Stefan Raab secures himself his third victory. The conclusion comes after twelve tense game rounds: the € 500,000 remain in the jackpot. Audience candidate Heiko from Mayen on the River Mosel went home empty-handed. In the next edition of “Schlag den Raab”, a new challenger will be competing for a staggering € 1 million.

Stefan Raab not only aims better, but he is also a more accurate shot and is faster than the 29-year-old German Luftwaffe jet pilot. Whether at archery, fencing or motocross: every time, he is just a little bit better than his challenger. And when the game focuses on milking a live cow, the trained butcher proves he has more dexterity than his challenger. The four-hour presenter versus audience candidate duel achieved a remarkable 28.7 percent market share among 14- to 29-year-old viewers, securing ProSieben the top position in terms of the daily market share among young viewers with 21.3 percent. In the advertising-relevant target group, “Schlag den Raab” achieved a market share of 17.8 percent. Overall, up to 3.64 million viewers tuned in to watch Stefan Raab’s Rose D’Or-nominated game show.

“Following the fight against Regina Halmich and the defeat in the last edition of “Schlag den Raab”, I am really pleased to have finally won again”, enthused Stefan Raab after the show. His challenger took his hat off to the versatility of the ProSieben entertainer: “Today, Stefan Raab was simply better in terms of his overall physical and mental concept. You have no idea just how taxing these games are. Although I am physically fit, but today brought me to my limits.”

The games:

The two candidates have to get to grips with “Locke”, a live cow, and prove their milking skills. After a short battle to find the optimum “teat position”, Stefan Raab’s milk pail weighs in at 755 g, Heiko’s at only 551.5 g. 1:0 for Stefan Raab.

Air-hockey, also known as shuffle board: the two duelists attempt to sink a flat disk into their respective opponent’s pocket. The game lasts for three minutes with Heiko taking the game by the narrowest of margins: 2:1.

Game 3: WHO IS IT?
Happy guessing in “Schlag den Raab”. Who is the celebrity depicted in the image? The first person to achieve seven correct answers wins. And it’s Stefan Raab, 4:2 for Stefan Raab.

The first to do a 360 ° turn in a boat swing at the fun fair gets the points. Each contestant has only five minutes. Heiko needs less than 40 seconds and takes the lead with 6:4.

On a motocross track, the duelists compete using mini motorcycles designed for children. The fastest of five rounds counts. The 28.827-second lap by Stefan Raab is too fast for Heiko. 9:6 for the entertainer.

Game 6: TENNIS
The “gentlemen’s sport” is performed on a linoleum court. Two game tie-breaks to seven points each decide on victory and defeat. Stefan Raab wins the duel with 7:4 and 7:5, going into the lead with 15:6 in the overall scores.

Game 7: LUDO
An express version of the board game classic: victory goes to the player who manages to get his first piece home first. And the winner is… Heiko, narrowing the margin to 15:13.

En-garde on a professional fencing field: who will manage ten hits first? Stefan Raab has the calmer foil and extends his lead to 23:13.

Game 9: WHERE IS IT?
A “Schlag den Raab” classic. In this combination of knowledge and geography quiz, the two duelists have to guess, and pinpoint, places on the map. Where, for example, is the G8 Summit taking place in June? Heiligendamm! Stefan Raab wins confidently. 32:13, the entertainer gradually pulls away.

Game 10: ARCHERY
Six arrows from 18 yards: Stefan Raab and Heiko aims at a standard competition target. The entertainer proves he can hit the bulls’ eye and extends his lead to 42:13.

In various guessing tasks, the objective is to get as close to the desired number as possible. Stefan Raab narrowly maintains the upper hand, hence expanding his lead to 53:13. The next game is a match-ball game.

The two duelists compete at throwing a ball into a handball goal from 7 meters. In this decisive game, Stefan Raab manages to keep his nerve: match point for the entertainer. The final result: 65:13.

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