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Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2007

BRAINPOOL TV intensifies its ancillary rights exploitation

BRAINPOOL TV GmbH is strengthening its activities in the area of ancillary rights exploitation. To this end, the 100%-owned BRAINPOOL subsidiary – e-tv GmbH – will be responsible for this sector and will be henceforth known as BRAINPOOL Artist & Content Services GmbH.

BRAINPOOL Artist & Content Services GmbH offers the artists and television productions belonging to the BRAINPOOL Group all relevant services from a single source, including the exploitation of ancillary rights. The broad range of offerings includes the successful development and marketing of Websites, digital/mobile contents and applications, merchandising/licensing products as well as DVDs, to name but a few. The DVD edition for the television series "Stromberg" received the Triple Platinum Award, becoming the best-selling German-language DVD series ever. The mobile TV channel "Comedyworld" is the first and most-viewed 24x7 comedy station of its kind in Germany, showing the highlights from various BRAINPOOL productions. The online shop markets the broad range of merchandising products, from the Stromberg coffee mug, the fan T-shirts, Langenscheidt’s "German for Bosses" book all the way through to the official WOK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP wok.

BRAINPOOL Artist & Content Services GmbH will be intensifying these activities and linking these even more strongly with BRAINPOOL TV.
Here, BRAINPOOL Artist & Content Services GmbH will profit from the television competence of the parent company BRAINPOOL TV GmbH and its historical proximity to the artists.

BRAINPOOL Artist and Content Services GmbH is the responsibility of BRAINPOOL TV CEO Dr. Andreas Scheuermann. He is joining forces with the former e-tv CEOs Ingrid Langheld and Frederic Komp, who are also Members of the BRAINPOOL Artist & Content Services GmbH Management.

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