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Montag, 12. März 2007

70 kilos of additional weight: Georg Hackl Wok World Champion

Record speeds, spectacular falls and the return of a former champion at the "2007 TV total Wok World Cup" on ProSieben. After securing the titles in both 2004 and 2005, Georg Hackl receives his third title in the one-man Wok category in Innsbruck/Igls. The new World Champion: "Whether young or old, you must always give it your best shot." Brandishing the heaviest stir-fry pan in Wok racing history, Hackl demonstrates the ride from hell in the first heat with a record speed (91.38 km/h) and a new run record (54.840 seconds) and ultimately securing himself victory in Innsbruck/Igls. With a total of almost 70 kilos of additional weight in the "pan", he manages to pip Joey Kelly and Stefan Raab at the post. "The TV total Wok World Cup 2007" was watched by an average of 20.8 percent of all 14- to 49-year-old viewers, the overall winner for Friday evening (between 8:15 p.m. and 0:35 a.m.) for ProSieben. Up to 54.6 percent of young viewers (14- to 29-year-olds) tuned in to watch the winter sports spectacle.

Wok World Cup initiator Stefan Raab also had to content himself with "only" the bronze medal in the four-man discipline. The surprise winner of the team event was the Seat Wok with former ski-jumper ace Sven Hannawald and WBA boxing world champion Susi Kentikian. The now recent double world champion: "I beat Stefan Raab today. And in three weeks time, Regina Halmich will be kicking his butt." Almost without any training at all, the Fantastischen Vier surprisingly took the silver medal with their “Band Wok”. Helmsman Smudo: "The boys and I have achieved quite a lot to date. But this success today is something really special."

During the fifth Wok World Cup, the wok teams put on a veritable battle of the materials. Stefan Raab: “Some teams constructed devices that bear no resemblance to the sport of "wokking” at all". The team strapped a 50-kilo steel panel under its wok, runners on the four-man wok area practically standard equipment now, the "racing machine" of the Pick-up! team even sported a spoiler. The pilots themselves placed their faith in mass over aerodynamics. Georg Hackl filled his racing kitchen utensil with more than 50 kilos of heavy and "warm stones". Four men are barely able to carry the racing machine. Weighed down by so much lead strapped to his body, Joey Kelly can hardly get to the top of the starting ramp on his own. Getting into his wok, Stefan Raab has to be helped by two members of staff. A lead belt weighing more than 50 kilos transforms the cruiser weight into an impressive heavy-weight player: "All in all, I weigh at least 140 kilos with all the weights strapped to me and in the wok itself", confesses the entertainer. The three dominant racers, Hackl, Raab and Kelly, all agree: next year, the World Wok Union needs some rules and regulations.

Because as it stands, the equipping of the woks are resulting in speeds that are almost too fast for the run: repeatedly, the pilots lost control of their racing machines in the dangerous number nine bend. A moment of horror in the first heat of the four-man discipline. Oomph! lead singer Dero whacks his head into the edge of the track, remaining in the wok, but clearly disoriented. The Goth rocker following his face-off with death: "No pain, no gain." A concerned Stefan Raab following this incident: "We have instructed the track engineers to take the edge off the number nine bend. The run is simply incredibly fast today." In the second heat, the slightly-injured Dero (suspected concussion) and his band colleagues opted to have Joey Kelly and mechanics stand in for him.

A strange wager seems to be the first entry for the sixth Wok World Cup next year – a bet between Stefan Raab and Reiner Calmund, who is the mental coach of the pay-V channel team, Arena TV. The former soccer manager: "If Stefan’s four-man wok team is faster than mine, I will personally compete in a wok." The Arena wok came last, but Calmund was unable to compete immediately, as no pants in his size could be found at short notice. But Reiner Calmund does not waste any time: "I always honor my wagers. I will be part of the four-man wok in the next Wok World Cup. I will go first, clearing the track for the other competitors."

Basis: all German television households (integrated television panel D + EU)
Source: AGF / GfK Fernsehforschung / pc#tv aktuell / SevenOne Media Marketing & Research
Created: March 10, 2007 (provisionally weighted: 9.03.2007)

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