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Sonntag, 18. November 2007

The "Bundesvision Song Contest 2008" (BuViSoCo – Federal Vision Song Contest) in Hanover / strong contestants in Stefan Raab’s Grand Prix de la Chanson

Lower Saxony – twelve points! Thanks to the Goth rockers from "Oomph!" feat. Marta Jandová, Stefan Raab’s "Bundesvision Song Contest 2008” will be presented in Hanover, where 16 musical acts will be representing their respective Federal states at the singing competition at the TUI Arena. The acts include “Sportfreunde Stiller”, whose soccer hit “’54, ‚’74, ‚90, 2006” was a firm favorite last summer. “Culcha Candela”, who were at the top of the German charts for six weeks with “Hamma”. German rapper “DAS BO” (“Türlich türlich sicher, Digger”) and rock band “Nevada Tan”, the latest participants in the BuViSoCo. Also involved are “The Far East Band”, whose front man “Gentleman” has been replaced by “Spezializtz”. Last but not least, the hosts from Lower Saxony – “Madsen”. Tickets are available from Monday, November 19 by logging onto or calling the ticket hotline on (01805) 87 80 80 (14 ct./min. from a German landline, prices from mobile networks vary).

Stefan Raab’s Grand Prix de la Chanson is taking place for the fourth time in 2008. Last year’s competition in Berlin saw the Goth rock band “Oomph!” feat. Marta Jandová relying on their huge number of fans. Their duet “Träumst Du” with “Die-Happy” lead singer Marta Jandová secured success for the home state of “Oomph!”, Lower Saxony. And it goes without saying that – as title defendants – Lower Saxony will also be present at this year’s “Bundesvision Song Contest”.

The winner is decided by the viewers at home, who can vote for their favorite by telephone and text message. Local patriotism is almost essential: with viewers allowed to vote for their own Federal state. 16 musical acts from the 16 Federal states will compete against each other. The condition for taking part in the competition is that at least 50% of the song must be performed in German. Stefan Raab is the host at the TUI Arena in Hanover. The acts and the state they represent will be presented on “TV total” from January 21, 2008 onwards.

Brief overview of all participating acts:

Laith Al-Deen for Baden-Württemberg
Sportfreunde Stiller for Bavaria
Culcha Candela for Berlin
paulsrekorder for Bremen
Subway to Sally for Brandenburg
Madsen for Lower Saxony
Panik (formerly Nevada Tan) for Schleswig-Holstein
DAS BO for Hamburg
Jennifer Rostock for Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
Peilomat for Rhineland Palatinate
Casino Zero for Saarland
The Far East Band feat. Spezializtz for Saxony
Down Below for Saxony-Anhalt
Clueso for Thuringia
Sisters for North Rhine-Westphalia
Rapsoul for Hesse

Background information:
ProSieben is now broadcasting the “Bundesvision Song Contest” for the fourth time. In 2005, the winner was the pop band “Juli”, a year later the Hip-Hop formation “Seeed” and the Goth rockers “Oomph!” feat. Marta Jandová in 2007. Who will be taking the coveted trophy home in 2008 will be revealed on Thursday, February 14, 2008, 9:00 p.m. LIVE on ProSieben.

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