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Dienstag, 18. September 2007

"Schlag den Raab": police officer Martin wins half a million euros / victory also for Stefan Raab: 26.2 percent of 14- to 49-year-olds tune in. ProSieben is market leader of the day

It all came down to an additional game for Stefan Raab and his challenger: because there was no clear winner at the end of the 15 rounds of “Schlag den Raab” (Beat Raab), an extra discipline was added. At 60:60, the winner was decided by a play-off – a first on the ProSieben show. Who is fastest at knocking over 15 cans? After five hours and seven minutes, audience candidate Martin from Heiningen near Göppingen knocked over the final can. The 38-year-old police offer wins half a million euros. His wife Angie (36) is barely able to watch. "We have already spent every last penny. We built a house last year", commented the ecstatic spouse following the show. Martin himself is dreaming of going on a safari: "We would like to visit the Serengeti with our three children, to show them the wild animals there."

Stefan Raab battled it out like a lion in the longest ProSieben show of all times. After Game number 13, he looked like a sure winner. The show master knew more national flags, beat the police world pentathlete runner-up in hurdles and clearly had the better brain in the memory game. But police officer Martin fought back in dodge ball. "Martin revealed his true spirits”, congratulated Stefan Raab, “he won the competition fair and square."

And there was an "A+" for "Schlag den Raab" not only from the studio audience, but also from the viewers at home: among 14- to 49-year-olds, Stefan Raab’s duel show was the choice of the day: 26.2 percent tuned into watch the gripping competition. And "Schlag den Raab" also came top among young viewers: 39.8 percent, peaking at 74.4 percent, watched the show. The competition was left gasping for air: "Schlag den Raab" was the most-watched show on Saturday. With a market share of 16.2 percent, ProSieben is the market winner of the day in the advertising-relevant target group (RTL: 15.2 %, Sat.1: 10.1 %).

The Games:

Game 1: THE ROPE
Stefan Raab and the challenger have to climb up a free-hanging nine-meter rope. Police officer Martin is used to this from his daily training program. The challenger takes the lead with 1:0.

On an outdoor ash track, the duelers compete in the 60-meters hurdles, with five hurdles of 91 cm height each. And – with his unique technique – Raab surprisingly won the photo-finish. 2:1 for Raab.

Game 3: BOULES
The favorite game of all French senior citizens: Martin is more skilful. 4:2 for the 38-year-old.

Game 4: CAR RACE
On a race track, Stefan Raab and his challenger maneuver two remote-controlled model cars. Ramming was permitted. The winner was decided after 20 rounds: Stefan Raab tried to complete the race in reverse gear. But Martin wins by a hair: 8:2

“Name that Tune” revisited: melodies from television series and shows are played and the contestants have to guess them. "Dynasty" secures Stefan Raab a victory. Only 8:7 to Martin.

The duelers each selected five members of the audience and had to complete guessing tasks. Martin was kissed by fortune. 14:7.

15 substances have to be guessed by their smell. The contestant who guesses the most, wins. Stefan Raab was completely let down by his olfactory senses, failing to recognize garlic, honey or beer. Martin correctly guessed the first three aromas. The challenger extends his lead to 21:7.

Game 8: FLAGS
At home throughout the world: Stefan Raab identified more national flags and closes the gap. Now its only 21:15 to Martin.

A hint of the Olympics in Cologne/Mülheim. On an ash field outside the studio, Stefan and Martin let the hammer fly. Surprise: Stefan Raab threw the hammer 26.82 meters, model athlete Martin was unable to match it. The lead changes: 24:21 to the entertainer.

Game 10: 800-METER RUN
Here, the buff elite police officer had the clear advantage. He competently completed the run in about 2.42 minutes and takes the lead again: 31:24.

Curtain call for "Marathon Man" Elton: he hosted the classical quiz. Stefan Raab was more knowledgeable. The lead once again changes: 35:31 to Raab.

Game 12: MEMORY
The first person to collect 14 pairs, wins. A game of patience, which Raab won with his special memorizing technique. The Entertainer extends the gap: 47:31.

Is the statement true or false? This game has been featured three times to date, and Stefan Raab has lost each time. But not this time: 60:31 to Stefan Raab.

Match ball for Raab: in this great, old-fashioned kid’s game, points are awarded for hits or caught balls. The first one to score ten points, wins. Martin was a better shot and closes the gap to 60:45. If he wins the next game as well, he will pull even with Stefan Raab.

Game 15: ERBSEN
There is € 500,000 at stake: ten peas needs to be thrown into a bottle from a height of ten meters. Martin had the calmer hand, and was crowned “King of the Peas”. 60:60 – a play-off!

A fun-fair classic for the jackpot: Stefan did not throw accurately. Martin knocked over all 15 cans, taking home the € 500,000.

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