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Samstag, 07. Juni 2008

Germany is the European Champion! Stefan Raab wins his “TV total Autoball European Cup”

A European Champion spirit at the warm-up for EURO 2008: 13,000 fans at the Kölnarena cheer Stefan Raab on and into the final of his Autoball European Cup and then to victory over Joey Kelly from Ireland. Up to 59.4 percent of young viewers (14-29 years old) followed the spectacle at home.
Cologne, a summer’s dream: Stefan Raab beats Joey Kelly in the final of his “TV total Autoball European Cup 2008” with a close 2:1. Germany is the Autoball European Champion. 17.9 percent of 14- to 49-year-old viewers tuned in to watch the exciting game. Up to 59.4 percent of young people (14-29 years old) tuned in. In all, the warm-up for the EURO 2008 attracted 1.91 million viewers (from 3 years of age). Exploding balls, trashed cars and lots of twisted metal scattered Stefan Raab’s path to victory. On the evening before the opening of the EURO 2008, there was at least an Autoball entente cordiale between Germany and Poland: Germany ultimately owes the title to the Polish. Because it was in the car Stefan borrowed from Dariusz Michalczewski after he was knocked out that the entertainer won the championship. Prior to this, he has trashed both his “game” and his spare car in the final. The Autoball title was won by Germany, now the country is crossing its fingers for the national soccer team. Stefan Raab: “I hope our players follow my example and win the Cup.” And the audience at the Kölnarena were certainly in European Champion spirits. 13,000 viewers in Germany’s largest events hall chanting “Stefan, Stefan” and “Deutschland, Deutschland”, with a Mexican wave fired on their driver to decisive victories over Austria in the preliminary round, Italy in the semi-final and then Joey Kelly in the final. He was thrilled to secure second place, even changing sides at the end: “Unfortunately, Ireland did not qualify for EURO 2008. So I’m now supporting Germany.”
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