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Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008

Prime time victory for Stefan Raab’s “TV total high diving"

What a spectacular show! Platform diving world champion Fabian Hambüchen demonstrates the most difficult jump in the history of “TV total high diving”. Joey Kelly makes the first jump of the competition from the 10 meter platform. Stefan Raab and Elton completed a truly synchronized dive on the first jump and actor amazed the entire audience in the hall with his double victory. An outstanding 23.4 percent of the audience in the relevant target groups for advertisers watched the unique mixture of show and top-class sport. ProSieben is not just securing prime time for itself with this. ProSieben, with 15.6 percent of 14 to 49 year-olds (RTL 12.9 %, Sat.1 8.8%), was the market leader on Saturday. At its peak, Stefan Raab’s high dive spectacle had up to 4.45 million viewers over 3 years glued to their TV screens.

High dive new comer Steffen Groth picked up a double victory his first time competing in the “TV total high diving 2008”. In the singles, he shut out title defender Joey Kelly with his one and a half back flips with one and a half twists. In the synchronized competition, he and his partner, Wolke Hegenbarth, won Gold. Stefan Raab and Elton only made it into the running in the synchronized diving finals and finished fourth. Elton, who declared his comeback in high diving shortly before the show started, was able to complete his first full back flip. “Our entrance at the final was flattering,” Stefan Raab summed up after the show. “But at the end, we deserved to come in fourth.” Elton improved sensationally and I think he’s really motivated for next year.”

For title defender Joey Kelly, he had to be satisfied with second place this time. Stefan Raab’s consistent competition will go down in the annuls of “TV total Turmspringen”. As the first and only diver, the daring Irish man plunged from the 10 meter platform from a perfectly executed handstand. Initiator Stefan Raab, doesn’t see an end in sight: “It keeps going up farther every year – the sky is the limit!”

Fabian Hambüchen proved just what’s possible. The world champion in platform diving risked everything and demonstrated the most difficult dive ever executed on “TV total high diving” and was rewarded with a standing ovation from the audience. In the end, the platform diving world champion failed to complete another quarter turn in his three and a half flip dive and he came in fourth. Following the champion athlete said: “I wanted to take the greatest possible risk. In the end it didn’t quite work, but it was a lot of fun anyway.” Next year he wants to participate again.

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