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Montag, 07. Juni 2010

Lena Breaks All Records

It’s Been a Long Time Coming. The UK press tips their hats to pop music “Made in Germany”. “Simply Adorable” summarizes the Guardian. The Daily Mail predicts an easy victory for “the fresh-faced German chanteuse Lena”, and the corresponding headline was simply “Wunderbar”. Accolades also came from other countries: “Greetings, Lena, Europe Loves You”, applauded Danish tabloid BT.

A story that can only be written in pop music: Lena wins the 55th Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. A triumph of affection sent to Germany with its first dazzling victory in 28 years.

“Lena – a German Comet Over Europe”, was the headline in the Polish Blatt Polska and demonstrates just how international the success of the 19-year old high-school student from Hanover has become. The beginnings of a breath-taking career.
In Germany, Lena has taken dual leadership of the charts – the single returned to the top spot on the Singles Charts and her long player “My Cassette Player” is still at Number 1 on the Album Charts. In the Airplay Charts, “Satellite” is at second place and, right now, no song is being played more often on the radio – it is currently the most-played song within a single week in the history of the German Airplay Charts.
Both the single and album have been showered with Platinum and Gold. With sales topping 500,000, the “Satellite” single has gone both Platinum and Gold while her album “My Cassette Player” has also been awarded Platinum and Gold with more than 300,000 albums sold.
But the hype surrounding Lena is no longer limited to Germany alone. Just after her victory, Lena won top spot in eleven countries and their respective download stores. Lena is still currently at number one in Greece and Finland and in another seven countries she’s in the Top 5.
In the ESC host country Norway, “Satellite” rose to number one on the Singles Charts and went Gold within the first week. In Sweden, the single also topped the charts and is currently on the playlists of all the major radio stations in the country. Even in Denmark and Finland, the single has surmounted the charts, which means that it is Number 1 everywhere in Scandinavia.
The single is at 5th place in the Dutch Single Charts, Number 30 in the UK and, in Israel, Satellite is currently the most frequently played international song in radio.
The single has already been released in all European countries and an album release is to follow in upcoming weeks. Furthermore, releases have also been confirmed for Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and initial inquiries about “lovely Lena” have been received from US.
After a few days of rest, Lena will spend the next few weeks on an extended tour through the neighboring European countries. Her victory at the Eurovision Song Contest was only a thrilling taste of times to come in a tempestuous career that is still at its very beginnings.


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