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Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

A whole stack of comedy awards for BRAINPOOL Productions

Anke Engelke, Atze Schröder, "Cindy aus Marzahn", Bülent Ceylan, and Bastian Pastewka – they all stood, beaming, on the stage of this year's fabulous comedy award gala, broadcast by RTL on Friday October 20th at 8:15 pm. An impressive 22.5 per cent (2.34 million) of the 14 - 49 year-old viewers watched the award, up to 5.09 million viewers at peak, and an average of 4.38 million viewers from the age of 3 (16.3 % market share).

Of course, comedienne Anke Engelke came with her full "Ladykracher" ensemble. "Ladykracher" (SAT.1) asserted itself as Best Comedy Sketch against "4 Singles" and "Switch reloaded".
Atze Schröder received the prestigious award for "Best One-Person TV Show" for "Atze Schröder live! Revolution" (RTL). The show "Sascha Grammel live! Hetz mich nicht!" and "Cindy aus Marzahn live! Nicht jeder Prinz kommt uff'm Pferd" were nominated for the same award, but came away empty-handed. Even so, Cindy aus Marzahn still had something to smile about: She won the "Best Comedienne" award again, ahead of Mirja Boes and Caroline Kebekus.

What Cindy is for the ladies, Bülent Ceylan is for the men. The Turkish comedian who grew up in Germany was very pleased with the award for "Best Comedian": "I earned this award!" René Marik and Atze Schröder were nominated for the same award.
For Bastian Pastewka; the awards turned into sibling rivalry this year. Not only was he up against Max Giermann for the comedy award , but also Matthias Mattschke. As Hagen Pastewka in the comedy series "Pastewka"; he regularly infuriates his brother, Bastian. However, big brother kept a cool head this time: Bastian Pastewka received the comedy award for "Best Actor".

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