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Montag, 06. August 2012

Anke Engelke: "In its eighth series, 'Ladykracher' is going Olympic" – filming starts on 31 July 2012

"In its eighth series, 'Ladykracher' is going Olympic" – announces Anke Engelke. "I’m looking forward to true stories about men, women and children. We’ll observe closely and recreate what we’ve observed, sometimes discreetly, sometimes boldly. The rest is art." SAT.1 will begin filming the new, eighth series of "Ladykracher" on Tuesday, 31 July 2012, and will once again give Anke Engelke and her crew plenty of opportunities to add new characters to their gallery. "We often seem like we’re out of control, but I swear: both the writers and producers in the background, and the crew and actors on set – we all know exactly what we’re doing. Most of the time. The rest is just lunacy."

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