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Mittwoch, 09. Mai 2012

New episodes of “Schlag den Star”: Which celebrity will taste victory?

There are four new stars for the fourth round of “Schlag den Star” (Beat your host): pole vaulter Tim Lobinger, TV chef Steffen Henssler, “taff” host and “boxing legend” Daniel Aminati and comedy duo Mundstuhl will face their challengers in a duel of up to nine games. ProSieben will broadcast the first instalment with Tim Lobinger on Saturday, June 30th 2012, at 8.15 p.m.

Stefan Raab will be stepping into the duel on the side of the candidates. For one game, each challenger may and must draw Stefan Raab as a joker and have the entertainer compete in their place. This will see star pitted against entertainer. There are 50,000 euros to be won in the “Schlag den Star” jackpot on June 30th. If the star wins, the prize for the next instalment of the show goes up by a further 50,000 euros. The challengers are well ahead in the statistics: in twelve duels, only two stars were victorious, “Tiger” Stefan Effenberg and “Iron Man” Joey Kelly.

“Schlag den Star” is a re-import of “Schlag den Raab”. British broadcaster ITV1 modified the concept of the successful German show into the celebrity version “Beat your host”. The second season enjoyed a market share of 26.0 percent in the UK.

“Schlag den Star” starts Saturday, June 30th, at 8.15 p.m. on ProSieben

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