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Dienstag, 04. September 2012

Cindy aus Marzahn wants to be the nation's new supermodel

When she enters the stage, you can literally feel the bundled female power. At the latest when she begins to talk, the audience goes wild and erupts in fits of laughter. The shrill comedienne Cindy from Marzahn is the crushing blow to the risible muscles incarnate. Her sayings are sometimes obscene and not always PG-rated. But her typical way of speaking is exactly what fans love about her and they celebrate each show from the top Berlin comedienne – regardless of how crazy it is. Now Cindy wants to fulfil her biggest dream: She wants to be the nation’s new supermodel! In the eight new episodes of her successful show “Cindy & Die jungen Wilden”, the strapping girl from Marzahn takes up battle with all existing top models and storms the country’s catwalks with full power. From September 15, 2012, always at 10.15 p.m., the brightest star in the fashion sky will finally rise.

The confident comedienne definitely seems to possess the body, the poise and the eye for beautifully fitting outfits – or so she believes! But the road to model success is a rocky one and is bound to lead past well-known figures in the business. For example, Cindy pays a visit to TV legend and Heidi Klum-discoverer Thomas Gottschalk to ask him for his opinion. The comedienne also travels to celebrity photographer Det Kempke for the necessary set card and has him photograph her together with top model Eva Padberg. Of course, a real beauty like Cindy also has to learn the right “walk”, which takes her to an appointment with the Godfather of catwalk trainers – the crazy choreograph Jorge. And after her failed attempt to be taken on by leading model agency “Louisa Models”, Cindy then tries to win over designer and “GNTM” juror Thomas Rath.

Additionally, the girl from Marzahn who has won several awards presents her personal TV highlights in bizarre and hilarious sketches, which have been staged with great attention to detail. This includes television classics such as “Miss Marple” and “Sherlock Cindy Holmes” or popular series such as “CSI”, “Sex and the City”, “Dr. Cindy House” or “Alarm for Cindy 11”. With Cindy in the respective starring roles, of course!

In the new shows, Cindy welcomes top stars from the comedy scene and amazing newcomers. Top comedians such as Kaya Yanar, Dr. Eckart v. Hirschhausen, Dieter Nuhr, Johann König, Ralf Schmitz, Jürgen v. d. Lippe, Atze Schröder, Olaf Schubert, Rüdiger Hoffmann and Oliver Pocher will therefore hit the stage with their latest stand-up routines.

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