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Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

The Millionaire Election

At, anyone can register to become the first democratically elected millionaire in Germany. It's not decided by a panel of experts or a jury. The competitors decide among themselves who moves on to the next round. The winner gets one million euros.

It's simple: Anyone can participate in the election. The principle: Register at, present yourself, collect votes! With videos, photos or texts, candidates launch an election campaign on their own profile page. Those with the most votes go through to the next round. In four election rounds, the participants vote for the best candidates. Following the online election, the most successful 49 candidates may present themselves in seven major prime time shows and a live TV final. Who will impress the nation? Who will delight the country? And who will be Germany's first democratically elected millionaire?

Show the nation who you are and Germany will elect you as millionaire:

Regardless of whether they're stuntmen, acrobats, extreme sports enthusiasts or amateur soccer players, filmmakers, singers, dancers, artists or those who perceive themselves as such: Impressive personalities with special talents can become the first democratically elected millionaire at Applicants are free to let their imaginations run wild. From an extraordinary marriage proposal to a social campaign: All registered members of the exclusive Millionaires' Club can vote and be voted for.

How the "millionaire election" works / The principle of the game:

REGISTRATION: All applicants who create a profile at between October 17 and November 16 participate in the millionaire election. Only registered participants (from 14 years of age) are eligible to vote. No one may vote for themselves. The candidates should actively drive an "election campaign" and convince their competitors to vote for them. Important: After the registration phase has ended, the so-called Millionaires' Club will be closed. Only the users registered by then are eligible to vote!

ELECTION PHASE: The number of candidates will be reduced via several election rounds. The candidates with the most votes move on to the next round.

THE SHOW: The 49 candidates with the most votes compete in seven live shows, each with seven candidates, in January. Here, they stand face-to-face with their rivals and the television viewers for the first time for election. In a final show, Germany's first democratically elected millionaire will be elected from the seven winners from the shows and will receive one million euros.

The moderators

For ten years now, Elton has been a regular guest on ProSieben and has already had several of his own shows, such as "Elton vs. Simon", "Elton reist" or "Elton zockt". He also makes regular appearances in "TV Total" and is part of all big show events by Stefan Raab. The winner of the German Comedy Award also presents the show "1, 2 oder 3" for ZDF.

Jeannine Michaelsen is actress and web and TV presenter. She was part of the presenting team for ZDF reporting from the beach on Usedom at the Baltic Sea during the European Football Championship 2012. Up until 2012, the 31 year old presented the knowledge program "X:enius" for ARTE and "log in" on ZDFinfo. She continues to appear on "SportXtreme" for ZDFinfo. Since summer 2012, Jeannine Michaelsen has also been presenting the successful ProSieben show "Joko gegen Klaas - Das Duell um die Welt" and has been a presenter for radio station 1Live since May this year.

Background: "Millionaire Election" is a format from the Brainpool Joint Venture company Millionärswahl GmbH, which has the TV shows from Brainpool produced. The connected website is produced by a subsidiary of Millionärswahl GmbH.

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