Wednesday 21 August 2013

Successful start for the international adaptation of "TV total Turmspringen" in Denmark and Sweden

“Stjerner på vippen”, the Danish adaptation of Germany's successful “TV total Turmspringen” on ProSieben (international marketing name: “Stars in Danger – The High Dive”), was launched on August 19 in Denmark on channel TV3 with a sensational market share of 19.9 % in the target group of 3 and up. With this, the show was almost five times higher than the primetime channel average of 2012.

Monday 15 July 2013

VIPs play for the good cause in "Martin Rütter - Die große Tiershow"

He is Germany’s no. 1 dog expert and a trained animal psychologist. His stage shows are sold out and his TV shows a huge hit: Martin Rütter. Time and again, he manages to delight audiences with his extraordinary wit, charm and expertise.

Monday 08 July 2013

Lothar Matthäus, Dieter Bohlen and Niki Lauda in „Schlag den Star“ on ProSieben

An event-show with an impersonator: In the show “Schlag den Star” on Saturday June 22, 2013, at 8.15pm, a candidate will be opposing one of the most illustrious and recognized personalities in the comedy business. Matze Knop, impressionist of celebrities like Lothar Matthäus, Dieter Bohlen or Niki Lauda, dares to challenge the unknown contestant in a duel, in order to win the 50 000 Euros.

Saturday 20 April 2013

Round two of Germany’s most successful game: “Beat your Host- Game 2”.

From TV show to game hit: With sales of more than 200,000, Germany’s most successful and profitable game of 2010 was “Beat your Host – the Game”. Now the game is set to reach even greater heights in the next round: in “Beat your Host – Game 2”, Ravensburger has packed 40 new battles from the TV show into the game, along with more than 250 implements.

Friday 19 April 2013

Elton’s indecent proposal: Win EUR 100,000 or lose it all – on ‘Elton zockt – LIVE!’, Saturday on ProSieben

A young housewife frets over her collection of high-heeled shoes, a car buff puts his favourite custom body on the line, and a one-man showman his keyboard: On ‘Elton zockt – LIVE!’, contestants stake their entire valuables on a chance to win EUR 100,000. There’s a lot they can win, and they put a lot on the line. Those who lose the duel with Elton have to watch as what they have wagered is destroyed before their eyes. ProSieben is airing the four-hour live show, ‘Elton zockt –