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Monday 12 May 2003

"RTL Celebrity Boxing 2003": seconds out to Round Two!

Another BRAINPOOL production this year is RTL Celebrity Boxing. Once again, it’s seconds out to the grand TV boxing event on RTL! On May 17, 2003 at 21.15 p.m. six celebrities will climb into the ring afresh, to wager a fight of the fists in front of an audience of millions.

This time the line-up includes: Mola Adebisi up against Fabian Harloff, Samantha Fox fighting Tanja Szewczenko and Detlef D! Soost against Carsten Spengemann.
RTL viewers will be able to witness up-close and live on their television sets who from each of the three fights reigns victorious.

Usually he works as a presenter for the music channel VIVA in Cologne, now the sporty all-round talent will climb through the ropes: Mola Adebisi. In "RTL Celebrity Boxing" he’ll come head to head with actor Fabian Harloff, who likes to keep fit in his spare time by kick boxing, among other things.
And it’s straight down to business for the women, albeit sportingly so: pop queen Samantha Fox had to call off her fight last year, after breaking her left ankle during boxing training in London. Now she’s fully back in form and will make an appearance in "RTL Celebrity Boxing 2003" against the former figure skater and current actor in "Unter Uns" (Between You & Me) Tanja Szewczenko.
After last year’s battle between Claude-Oliver Rudolph and Pierre Geisensetter finished with a spectacular knockout from Rudolph, you can also await this year’s heavyweight division with bated breath. The 1.90-metre tall and 101,5-kilo heavy dancer and choreographer Detlef D! Soost will fight 1.88-metre tall actor and presenter Carsten Spengemann, who will climb into the ring weighing in at 87 kilos.

Out of the ring RTL viewers will encounter a well-rehearsed team: RTL sports reporter Kai Ebel will host the boxing event. Boxing experts Tobias Drews and ex-heavyweight competitor Axel Schulz will commentate.

The first "RTL Celebrity Boxing" last October had up to seven millionen viewers, from the age of three, glued to their screens. The average quota accounted for 5.28 million viewers from three years old on (MA 19.9% from 3 yrs). In the target group of 14-49 year olds, an impressive 27.3% followed the three fights (3.2 mill 14-49 yrs).

"RTL Celebrity Boxing II"- on May 17, 2003 at 21.15 p.m. LIVE on RTL!

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