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Tuesday 19 December 2006

"Der große TV total Parallelslalom" (The Grand TV total Parallel Slalom): Austria rejoices with Christian Clerici

St. Anton/Munich, December 17, 2006. Austria celebrated with Christian Clerici. The TV presenter triumphed at Stefan Raab’s celebrity ski event "Der große TV total Parallelslalom" in Tyrol’s St. Anton in front of 5,000 ecstatic spectators. In a truly nail-biting final, Christian Clerici was faster than the Kempten-based TV judge Alexander Hold. In the semi-final, Clerici had previously beaten host and initiator, Stefan Raab. Following his defeat in the play-off final for third and fourth places, the entertainer lost out to DJ Bobo and ended the event in an unsatisfactory fourth position. But Stefan Raab was nonetheless thrilled: "To take fourth place among these remarkable athletes is huge for somebody like me who comes from a region without hills or mountains."

Fire, ice and Tyrol’s unofficial hymn kicked off the winter spectacle. DJ Ötzi welcomed the viewers to St. Anton in Tyrol with his smash hit "Anton aus Tirol" (Anton from Tyrol). The crowds were ecstatic when Stefan Raab, dressed in a Yeti costume of white fur and "original Uzbekistani riding cap" opened the ski event in Austria accompanied by 12 "ski bunnies". 16 celebrity skiers competed in the parallel slalom event on the demanding 2001 World Cup piste. Two K.O. heats per round decided victory and defeat. In the advertising-relevant target group of 14- to 49-year-old viewers, over 14.4 percent tuned in to follow the celebrity race. Among young viewers, a remarkable 22.6 percent were glued to their TV screens.

"The piste is icy and steep. You have to be quite strong with a 60 percent slope", predicted Raab. And the celebrities tumbled down the steep mountain like bowling pins: during his piste gymnastics, pole-vaulter Tim Lobinger proved that his true talent lies more in acrobatics than athletics, racing legend Hans Joachim "Strietzel" Stuck twice got a mouthful of Tyrol snow and even Stefan Raab fell three times. But ski professional Willy Bogner had an inkling of things to come even before the first heat: "This will be a tough fight. Never underestimate Stefan Raab." And the fashion designer and former top skier was right. The host provided the greatest sensations of the show himself. In the heat, Stefan Raab surprisingly vanquished the Tyrol icon DJ Ötzi, in the quarter finals he exploited an error by the secret favorite Christian Tramitz. But his winning streak ended in the semi-final. The ultimate winner, Christian Clerici, was too strong for the multi-talent from Cologne. With this move, Clerici fulfilled his objective even before the final: "Stefan Raab won’t be on the winner’s podium", rejoiced the local matador. In the play-off final for third and fourth places, Stefan Raab was beaten DJ Bobo. The Swiss DJ even skied backwards to pip Raab at the post. But he took it all with humor: "At least I have a better singing voice than he does..."

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Basis: all TV households in Germany (integrated television panel D + EU)
Source: AGF / GfK Fernsehforschung / pc#tv aktuell / SevenOne Media Marketing & Research

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