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Tuesday 24 April 2007

RTL promotes offspring: "Kinder, Kinder" ("Children, Children") - the comedy about becoming and being a parent starts on Friday

Those who find children absolutely "cute" and believe that life with them is one big bowl of cherries will learn a few home truths in the new RTL comedy series "Kinder, Kinder". From April 27, 2007, the three sisters Jessica (Carolin Kebekus), Claudia (Judith Pinnow) and Katja (Dana Golombek) show every Friday at 9:45 p.m. that life with kids can not only be wonderful, but also totally bizarre, surreal, hard work, complicated and – above all – incredibly funny.

Although the three sisters Jessica, Claudia and Katja may be genetically in the same boat, their characters are separated by the seven seas of the world, who live in completely different private situations and have reached entirely different points in their respective lives. What unites them is the fact that all three are trying to cope with life with child and partner as best they can. "Kinder, Kinder" shows the crazy snapshots of day-to-day family lives and deals with questions such as whether there are actually any mentally-healthy babysitters, whether men are jealous of their girlfriend’s gynaecologist and whether you can really have a wild time occasionally once you have had children. Anybody who has plans to have or has decided against, having kids will discover the reasons in "Kinder, Kinder".

“Kinder, Kinder” – from April 27, 2007, every Friday at 9:45 p.m. on RTL

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