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Monday 05 November 2007

A real fighter: Elton does the New York Marathon!

He did it! On Sunday, Elton successfully completed the New York Marathon, making it over the finish line in his dream time of less than six hours. Crossing the line in 5 hours, 30 minutes and 16 seconds, he clearly achieved his objective and has every right to be proud of his performance.

He was completely euphoric following the run: “It was an amazing experience and I am so happy and proud of myself. I would never have thought that I would complete the course in such a short time, but at no point did I doubt that I would finish.” He then went on to have a beer!

With the perfect weather for running – not too cold and sunny – the Marathon started with in excess of 36,000 runners, including international celebrities such as Lance Armstrong and Katie Holmes.
And “TV total” Moderator Stefan Raab did, of course, follow the New York Marathon live on the screen. He was particularly proud of his former show trainee’s performance: “I am proud that Elton managed to come in 34,202nd place and was beaten by Tom Cruise’s wife by only 3 seconds.”

The more than 2 million spectators along the course did everything they could to support the runners. Along the entire 42.195 kilometers, Elton was fired and cheered on by the incredibly large number of German fans. In addition to all the bananas, energy bars, energy drinks and cooling sponges, it was these fans and the superb running team that accompanied him throughout the race that helped Elton achieve this amazing result.

In today’s “TV total” show at 11:15 p.m. on ProSieben, Elton will be reporting on his exploits directly by satellite link from the Big Apple. On Tuesday, he will – with jetlag and weakened muscles – be taking the chair vis-à-vis Stefan, who will be celebrating Elton’s huge success. The show will also be broadcast at 11:15 p.m. on ProSieben.

With his achievement, Elton finally settled his gambling debts from the spring. At the time, he bet Stefan that he would not survive five rounds in his boxing match against Regina Halmich. If Stefan lasted the five rounds or more, Elton would take part in the New York Marathon. And we all know the outcome of the fight: Stefan stayed the entire match and Elton went into Marathon training.

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