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Wednesday 17 September 2008

Is it a record? Stefan Raab defeats challenger Jan and the TV competition

Cologne / Munich. No competition for record-breaking entertainer: Stefan Raab wins the twelfth edition of his highly successful show "Schlag den Raab" ("Beat Raab"). Viewers witness an evenly matched dual with sauna attendant Jan (44) from Berlin. Stefan Raab's victory over rival TV channels is much more decisive. With a market share of 26.1% among 14-49 year olds, "Schlag den Raab" is Saturday's most successful programme by far. ProSieben scores the highest market share for the day as a whole: 14.9% (RTL: 12.4 %, Sat.1: 9.9 %).

At the end of a marathon show lasting over four hours, it was a three-metre length of twine that eventually put paid to the 500,000 euro dream of Raab's challenger Jan. In the "Twine Eating" game, it was Stefan Raab who had the stronger jaw muscles and masticated a length of twine with a jelly baby attached to the end into his mouth faster than his rival. The two-metre giant Jan had previously given everything he had: He wore himself out in the deep sand of the Beach Soccer game, which he won thanks his greater fitness. In the electric scooter race, he rode full-speed into a studio door. He lost the race and never recovered. After thirteen games Stefan Raab was victorious. The entertainer commented: "Jan was a good contestant. His heart is in the right place, and he's happy even though he didn't win the money." The beaten contestant himself said: "I'm not going to let it upset me. I would have liked the money. But it's just a game, and the better man won." On 1 November a new contestant will have the chance to win a million euros in "Schlag den Raab".

Game Report

Game 1: TOOTHPASTE Who can squeeze the longest, unbroken toothpaste "sausage" out of a tube in one and a half minutes? Raab, who completed an apprenticeship as butcher, isn't going to let himself be beaten here. 1:0 for Stefan Raab.

Game 2: CAR REGISTRATION NUMBERS Jan is the first to guess seven city and district codes in German car registration numbers and wins this game. 2:1 for the challenger.

Game 3: GOLF The duellers play a par 3 hole outside the studio. The left-handed Jan is at a slight disadvantage: He has to play with a right-handed set of clubs. Stefan Raab takes advantage of the situation. With four shots, he secures himself a 4:2 lead.

Game 4: LONG JUMP At the long jump pit outside the studio, the best of three jumps decides the winner. Jan takes the victory with a jump of 4.35 metres. 6:4 for the challenger.

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