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Tuesday 02 September 2008 and announce: The new friends are back

- Berlin/Cologne. Alexander von Eich, Uwe Wöllner and Knut Hansen – the terrible trio are back. The off-the-wall characters from "Mein neuer Freund", which the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung described as "one of the funniest and most inspiring programmes on German television", will be making a comeback on the internet from 29 August 2008.

In numerous online forums, fans of the series have been asking for some time: "What are Alexander von Eich, Knut and Uwe up to today?"
The answer can be find can now be found on on New, hilarious tales of the absurd Ulmen characters, such as the unsuccessful entertainer Knut Hansen, who, with his miserable repertoire of gags, goes on tour in Bavaria, of all places. There, he encounters a Mayor from the conservative CSU party who enthuses about Czech prostitutes, and gets thrown out of a Catholic women's club after sparking outrage by telling rather graphic jokes about extramarital sexual practices.
There is also a chance to see the well-healed aristocrat Alexander von Eich again. As part of a TV show intended to help underprivileged persons, he is looking after a family living on social benefits, in the hope, as he says, "of showing them ways out of the gutter."
Mummy's boy Uwe Wöllner lets a camera team accompany him as he looks for employment, and gets thrown out of various jobs, usually after less than a day, for being, to quote slaughterhouse manager F., "the most annoying trainee we ever had."

A new episode can be seen every day on This spectacle is produced by Ulmen Television GmbH.
Christian Ulmen: "For me, is creative chaos. No matter how bizarre an idea might be, I can use it here." is operated by BRAINPOOL Artist and Content Services GmbH, a subsidiary of BRAINPOOL TV GmbH. The online portal offers professionally presented comedy and is the only legal video-on-demand platform of this kind in the German-speaking area. As well as the web shows specially produced for the internet, existing television programmes such as "Stromberg", "Pastewka", "Dr. Psycho" and highlights from "Schlag den Raab" and "TV total" can also be seen, in full or in a form adapted for the internet.
Frederic Komp, Managing Director of BRAINPOOL Artist and Content Services GmbH: "The idea of convinced us immediately. For us,, with the excellent actor and comedian Christian Ulmen, is already an absolute highlight on This is how shows produced for the internet could look in the future."

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