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Sunday 18 January 2009

Stefan Raab’s new show: “Beat the Star” on ProSieben

Stefan Raab has come up with another new idea for a show to celebrate his 10th anniversary of working with ProSieben. On four Fridays in a row, celebrities including former handball star Stefan Kretzschmar will compete against audience members in a series of events. ProSieben will air the programme each Friday at 8:15 p.m. starting 13 March.

Now it’s time for the TV, film and sport elite to step up! Stefan Raab will host “Beat the Star” (“Schlag den Star”) starting 13 March 2009. In this latest development from Stefan Raab’s think tank, an audience member faces off against a daring and versatile star in a range of different challenges. Former handball star Stefan "Kretzsche" Kretzschmar has already signed on for the series. In this new version of “Beat your Host”, up to nine games are played to decide the winner. Different stars will show their talents on the four consecutive Fridays. During the two-hour programme, the audience member will have the chance to win 50,000 euros. It's all or nothing. If the audience member wins, he or she will go home with a full wallet. If he or she loses, the money goes into the jackpot for the next show in which the challenger could win 100,000 euros. Will the celebrities be just as unbeatable as Stefan Raab in “Beat your Host” (“Schlag den Raab”)?

ProSieben Managing Director Thilo Proff: “In his ten years at ProSieben, Stefan Raab has become the most successful innovator in German television. ‘Beat the Star’ is his exciting anniversary gift to his fans.”

Stefan Raab developed a dozen successful show concepts in his last ten years at ProSieben. He will re-import an adaptation of his own hit programme with “Beat the Star”. In Great Britain, the modified version of “Beat your Host!”, called “Beat the Star”, has aired with fantastic ratings. The first season captured a market share of up to 25% on ITV1. A second season is already planned.

Raab’s programme “Beat your Host!” is an international success. The first episode of the Danish version “Hvem kan slå Joachim og Marianne?” on TV2 was seen by an incredible 60.2% of all viewers. The Swedish station Kanal 5 earned ratings of up to 39.5% (ages 15-44) with its adaptation “Vem kan slå Filip och Fredrik” to become the most successful programme in the channel’s history. “Qui peut battre Benjamin Castaldi?” captured over 40% of the market share for the primary audience (ages 15-49) on France’s TF1. The “Beat your Host!” concept has been sold in 13 different countries so far.

“Beat the Star” will wrap up the anniversary week of “TV total” on ProSieben. Stefan Raab will celebrate the 10th birthday of his show with highlights from one decade of “TV total” from 9-12 March 2009 (airs Monday to Thursday at 11:15 p.m.). ProSieben aired the first episode of the show on 9 March 1999, which was also when Stefan Raab started working for the Munich-based station.

"Schlag den Star" – four episodes starting 13 March 2009, airing at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben

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