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Wednesday 21 June 2017

New. From "Beat the Star" to "Beat the Henssler"

This man has courage. In September, Steffen Henssler presents the perhaps toughest duel on German TV: "Beat the Henssler". The ambitious champion chef meets several challengers in the show, from which the TV viewers choose his opponent.

Steffen Henssler: "I have a passion for a new challenge, and it is no secret that I am always attracted to a competition. The competition is not as distinct and diverse as in this show But I still have my restaurant and my cooking school, so I can get rid of it at any time."

Daniel Rosemann: "In the past two years, our viewers have always wanted us to see how a viewer plays the toughest of all duels in the TV against a celebrity, and we need a friendly and at the same time strong-minded player, Steffen Henssler has all this and that special, unconditional ambition to be able to compete in this show."

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