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Thursday 11 October 2018

Luke Mockridge presents: „CATCH! Der große SAT.1 Fang-Freitag“

Fun Friday is becoming Catch Friday! With the new sports event show "CATCH! Der große SAT.1 Fang-Freitag", SAT.1 and Luke Mockridge are bringing the popular game to TV in 2018. But for the participants, "CATCH! The big "SAT.1 Fang-Freitag" is anything but child's play. On spectacular obstacle courses, along the house wall or outside over containers, the four teams will fight for overall victory in eight rounds with various catch disciplines. Each team consists of four players led by a celebrity captain. The team leaders, including Luke Mockridge, will put together their own selection of course specialists and top athletes.

SAT.1 Managing Director, Kaspar Pflüger: "With 'CATCH! Der große SAT.1 Fang-Freitag', Fun Friday is becoming Catch Friday! Everyone knows how to play catch. Everyone has played it or still plays it with their children today. But what very few people know is that there are an infinite number of different rules, disciplines and game concepts. With this sports event show, we are bringing a whole new tone to SAT.1 Friday. And if you are familiar with Luke's sporting ambition, you know it's gonna be a really hot fight."

Luke Mockridge: "I like the combination of child's play and serious sporting competition. Everyone has played catch in the past and has their own personal approach to it. My comedy often deals with topics that everyone knows about and to which everyone has an emotional connection. I look very forward to this 'Event Show' challenge."

Luke Mockridge provided the idea for the show and "CATCH! Der große SAT.1 Fang-Freitag" will be produced by Lucky Pics and Brainpool. Tickets are now available at

„CATCH! Der große SAT.1 Fang-Freitag“, Friday, December 7, 8.15 pm, in SAT.1

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