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Zwei Weihnachtsmänner



Zwei Weihnachtsmänner

Two of Germany’s best comedians joined each other in front of the camera in early 2008 to give Sat.1 viewers an especially merry Christmas: Christoph Maria Herbst and Bastian Pastewka, both prize-winning actors and comedians many times over, dazzle in the two-part comedy "Zwei Weihnachtsmänner" (“Two Santas”) as the infamous odd couple.

They are supported in the Brainpool production by both a brilliant screenplay, developed by “Vollidiot” author Tommy Jaud based on an idea conceived with director Tobi Baumann, and a famous cast of fellow actors including Sophie von Kessel, Floriane Daniel and Armin Rohde.

They are like fire and ice: there really isn’t anything that the witty yet hapless “pool noodle rep” Hillmar Kess (Bastian Pastewka) and the ambitious lawyer Tilmann Dilling (Christoph Maria Herbst) have in common, except the desire to get home from their business trips in time for Christmas. Tilmann’s family is awaiting him with lunch on the table, Hilmar’s girlfriend, a nurse named Ilka, is waiting for him. But destiny has another fate in store for them. Their coincidental meeting at the Vienna airport marks the beginning of an adventure that quickly develops into a winter odyssey across Eastern Europe that far surpasses any previously known form of yuletide insanity …

Actors: Christoph Maria Herbst, Bastian Pastewka, Sophie von Kessel, Floriane Daniel, Armin Rohde, Lotte Ledl, Franz Buchrieser, Michael Lott, Anja Franke and many more.

A BRAINPOOL TV GmbH production

Nominations and Awards

German Comedy Award
Nominated for Golden Camera


Script: Tommy Jaud
Director: Tobi Baumann
Camera: Uwe Schäfer
Broadcast: 18.+19.12.2008
Length: 90 min