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Alles Pocher,.. oder was?


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Alles Pocher,...oder was?

"Alles Pocher,...oder was?" (Everything Pocher… got it?), the personality show with VIVA star Oliver Pocher, tells the candid truth about all the really important issues in life: sex, boy bands, sex with boy bands, the good times, but also the bad, permitted love and prohibited love, zits, sex education, the charts, videos and comedy. "Alles Pocher,...oder was?" is the "only true youth magazine" and takes off where other youth and music formats draw the line. Needless to say, the show also fulfils the VIVA education mandate and reports on the actual effects of the PISA survey as well as the possible promotion of Olli’s favorite soccer team, Hanover 96, into Germany’s premier soccer league.

The weekly, 60-minute show is recorded in front of a live audience. The main theme of the show is contemporary music, whereby the host’s personal taste will dictate the style of music. Olli might, for example, analyze Jennifer Lopez’ latest video while measuring just how big her butt really is. However, the videos presented during the show tend to be taken from the lower regions of the chart, somewhere between 170 and 200 – rather than from the VIVA Top Ten. In addition to stand-up comedy, sketches and clips, Oliver Pocher will welcome the most varied guests to the studio: stars and starlets, newcomers and insider tips and gossip from the music and entertainment industry, but also people from his private life, such as his primary school teacher, his favorite baker or even his father.

Furthermore, Olli will be touring Germany, visiting events such as the Golden Camera Awards, visiting viewers at home or even watching his favorite soccer team Hanover 96. After all, he would have nothing against becoming an honorary team member; he at least wants to become the chairman of the Scorpions fan club. Or he will just form his very own one-boy boy band performing his "political" lyrics Ă  la Backstreet Boys at the local shopping mall.

The "Alles Pocher,...oder was?" show was the first BRAINPOOL and VIVA co-production. "Alles Pocher,...oder was?", was broadcast from February until December 2002 every Saturday at 7 p.m. on VIVA.


Executive Producer: Martin KeĂź      
Host: Oliver Pocher  
Length: 60 min