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Alt & durchgeknallt

They really exist: People over sixty with a zest for life! Women and men in the best years of their lives whose main occupation is not complaining about bad weather and who are not constantly busy caring for their "spare parts warehouse" full of hearing aids and false teeth. In "Alt & Durchgeknallt" ("Old & Wacky"), senior citizens prove that old does not equal bourgeois, a pension doesn’t equal yawn-inducing boredom and that living in an old people’s home doesn’t mean being put on a shelf.

"Alt & Durchgeknallt" is a light-hearted comedy show about the funny aspects of life as grandparents, parents and pensioners – but also as athletes, musicians, married couples and lovers.

"Alt & Durchgeknallt" is the first TV sketch comedy in the world that jokes about the everyday life of older people and thus reaches a particularly wide-ranging target audience. It portrays the current reality of old age – not in the form of caricatures, but rather in short, trendy sketches with a high-quality visual style. The fact that aesthetic elements are borrowed from television advertising is no coincidence: That industry discovered the senior citizen audience for itself a long time ago. The so-called "50+" generation represents the trendsetters in a slowly aging society. They are modern, luxury-oriented and active.

On "Alt & Durchgeknallt", nobody simply makes fun of the shortcomings and weaknesses of older people. Rather, the show primarily portrays completely normal everyday life in old age from its funniest side. After all, ridiculous relationship stress can still be a factor even after people have celebrated their "golden anniversary". Love and passion can still seize hold of Granny and Grandpa – and they even talk about it. All kinds of people participate in sports – even if we don’t see them on the covers of glossy magazines. There are people over sixty who are quite vain and place a high value on being cool. But getting a facelift is not really an issue – after all, what’s wrong with a few laugh lines?

The performers on "Alt & Durchgeknallt" are Dorothea Walda, Andrea Brix, Carl Heinz Choynski, Achim Wolff and Philipp Sonntag. Five experienced actors over sixty, and first-class comedians who bring with them five portions of concentrated life experience and a healthy serving of natural wit. Self- irony is as much a part of the repertoire as is the courage to be irritating.

"Alt & Durchgeknallt" ("Old & Wacky") was broadcast from April 04, 2003 to June 13, 2003 every Saturday at 10:45 p.m. on SAT.1.


Executive Producer: Ralf Günther      
Start date: 11.04.2003    
Length: 23 min
Seasons: 1