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Anke Late Night
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Anke Late Night

"Anke Late Night" – this was the daily SAT.1 personality show with the fantastic, with the incomparable Anke Engelke. The Grimme, Television and Comedy Award winner, who has received the Golden Camera, the Bambi and the Austrian TV Award, Romy, means business and is the world’s first woman to host a late-night show.

"Anke Late Night" was the television show with the articulate and polyglot presenter who loves to be loud and to sing - and occasionally shake her leg. A clever woman with many interests and just as many varied talents, Anke guides us through an hour of late-evening entertainment. And she loves doing this without giving two hoots about what many people regard as politically correct.
And as an interviewer, Anke was unabashed, but never impolite. As an experienced reporter, she loved leaving the confines of the studio and taking advantage of acting skills by slipping into other women’s roles at the drop of a hat.

Anke milked a cow here, drove a tractor through the studio there or tames circus lions - Anke Engelke went to no ends in her show. Whether she talked about Sting’s love life, sang a duet with the US-Soul diva Brandy or compared fashion with Janet Jackson – the host even managed to baffle international superstars. She sang and danced with musicians like Reinhard Mey and Nina Hagen, talked shop with sports giants like Mario Basler, she could be a „know-it-all“ with intellectuals like Roger Willemsen, she could be funny with Comedy cronies like Bastian Pastewka – Anke Engelke is just as multifaceted as her guests.

"Anke Late Night" was broadcast in 2004 - Mondays to Thursdays at 11:15 p.m. on SAT.1.


Executive Producer: Ralf Günther      
Host: Anke Engelke    
Start date: 17.05.2004    
Length: 50 min