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Brisko's Jahrhundert-Show

On December 6, 1999, Bastian Pastewka's first show of his own, "Brisko’s Century Show" took off on SAT.1. In it, he slipped into the role of "Brisko Schneider", with whom he has already won the hearts of millions of viewers. "Brisko" lead the audience through the most significant events of the past and the coming century as well as through the shallows of his own life.

"Brisko’s Century Show" is the ideal forum to really show off his talents: He is a presenter with perfidious shrewdness, endless (journalistic) curiosity, uninhibited enthusiasm - and a gifted vocal soloist ("Born to be wild"). Says Brisko of his new project: "It's great, it's great, it's great!"

"Brisko’s Century Show" presented portraits of personalities of our time: In comedy sketch reportages about Gandhi, The Beatles, Einstein and Freud, Brisko shows how history really went down. Exclusive Super-8 film footage from Brisko's family archive portrays subjective, sociological and contemporary insight into family relationships and the socialization of modern humankind …

Every week, Brisko lead the viewers through his live audience show with interview guests, stand-up comedians, gripping film reportages and moving musical acts. Broadcasting as of December 6, 1999, on SAT.1, Mondays at 9.15 p.m.

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