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Comedy Champions

Who will be the Comedy Champion 2016? Who will win the 10,000 Euro prize money in the final? RTL II will be addressing these questions as part of its new show format "Comedy Champions" starting July 4th on five consecutive Monday evenings. "Comedy Champions" will be Germany's first comedy contest in Champions League form before a live audience.

Eight comedians in two groups will compete against one another in "Comedy Champions". At the beginning, everyone is against everyone as comedy battles are performed within the two groups. After two exciting cross-group semi-final rounds, a grand finale determines who will be crowned Comedy Champion 2016.

Entertainer Tahnee will present the show format and accompany the eight comedians through the battles. One of them is Faisal Kawusi, a Frankfurt native with Afghan roots, who talks with self-irony, wit and humour about the prejudices he faces on a daily basis. Christiane Olivier tells of her life as a single mother and the everyday madness she experiences with her pubescent son. Johnny Armstrong from England is known for his punch-line density and spouts off the strangest British humour - in German! The teacher's son Bastian Bielendorfer invites the audience into the weird world of a thirty-something on the cusp of the serious side of life between partner agencies, moving boxes and hall cleaning schedules. Another participant is the Frankfurt-based rapper from Greece, Costa Meronianakis, who is now at home on all the great comedy stages. The Berlin-based New Yorker, Tamika Campbell, is also on board to take on the competition with her ingenious international humour. Felix Lobrecht from Berlin-Neukölln tells absurd out-of-the-box anecdotes full of puns from the life of a young capital city dweller. The Cologne native with a South Korean background, Ill-Young Kim, tells hair-raising tales of things he has experienced as a German with an Asian appearance.

Eight comedians with entirely different perspectives, experiences and comedy styles - the competition for the title Comedy Champion 2016 will open on July 4th!


Producer: Andreas Viek
Host: Tahnee
First Broadcast: 04.07.2016
Length: 60 min