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Danke Anke! - Die Sat.1 Muttertagsshow



Danke Anke! - Die Muttertagsshow

On Mother’s Day , Anke Engelke hosted a grand show in honor of all mothers, with lots of fun, music, chat, comedy and emotions. "DANKE ANKE! – Die SAT.1 Muttertagsshow" (DANKE ANKE! – The SAT.1 Mother’s Day Show) showed us just what "being a mother" is all about: Anke revealed how women manage to keep calm amidst exploding kettles, noisy vacuum cleaners and ringing phones...

As the host, comedy star Anke Engelke – herself the mother of a daughter – looked after all other mothers. To this end, she made the men do some hard work for a change: Axel Schulz helped stressed out mothers doing their weekly shop at the supermarket by looking after their kids. Tom Gerhardt slipped into the role of a babysitter and looked after quads while their mother and Anke pampered themselves at a beauty farm. And DJ Bobo helped kids do their homework in Lucerne.

In the studio, Anke welcomed countless celebrity mothers and fathers, including Christina Rau, First Lady and patron of the "Müttergenesungswerk" (organization providing rest for mothers). Kai Pflaume reported on how Mother’s Day was once celebrated in the East. Actress Anne-Sophie Briest ran a professional babysitting service in Berlin.

Music had been provided by "Orange Blue" and the Cologne-Weiden Children’s Choir, comedy on the subject of "mothers" had been presented by Dieter Nuhr and "Badesalz", and the "Lord of the Dance" dancers performed their world-famous tap dance show.

Anke Engelke – slipped into various women’s roles from her smash comedy show "Lady Cracker"– presented the funnier side of being a mother.

"DANKE ANKE! Die Sat.1 Muttertagsshow" was produced by BRAINPOOL and was broadcast in May 2002 and in a live edition in May 2003 - always on a Sunday at 8:15 p.m. on Sat.1.


Executive Producer: Ralf Günther
Host: Anke Engelke    
Start date: 12.05.2002      
Length: 120 min
Shows: 2