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Die Highlights des ProSieben Promiboxens



Das große ProSieben Promiboxen

In "Celebrity Fight Night on ProSieben" [Das große ProSieben Promiboxen], eight celebrities compete live in front of an audience of millions. On the big fight night in Burg-Wächter Castello in Dusseldorf, serious sport meets first-class entertainment: Flying fists, full physical involvement, happy winners, fair losers, the unique performance of the stars delights an audience of millions.

On ProSieben, eight celebrities let their fists do the talking on Saturday, September 27, at 8.15 p.m. Three men's fights and one women's fight were on the agenda.

All the facts on the ProSieben fight night:

Bachelor against bachelor in the "rose class":
"Why shouldn't the bachelor hand out black eyes instead of roses for once?" asks Jan "Gently Thunder" Kralitschka (38, 189 cm). His opponent is Christian "Steel Eyes" Tews (34, 188 cm). Tews: "I'm going to send Jan down the most painful catwalk of his life!"

The "K.O. class ":
"On the pitch we're eleven friends," says former footballer Thorsten "Punch from the Pott" Legat (45, 184 cm). "But there's no friendship in the ring." His opponent, rapper Trooper "Baden Bomber" Da Don (41, 189 cm): "Legat, it's going to get very dark for you."

The "silicon class":
"Jordan, when you see a flash of light in the ring, it's not lightning," Jungle Queen Melanie "Beast From The East" Müller (26, 171 cm) wars her opponent. She counters. Model Jordan "Heart Attack" Carver (28, 168 cm): "I'm ready to break Melanie up into her separate parts."

The "face class":
"I'm going to bash Lucas," says top model Marcus "Swedish Hammer" Schenkenberg (46, 193 cm) confidently. His opponent, singer Lucas "Hell from Hellas" Cordalis (42, 191 cm): "Marcus, you'd better make a new appointment with Professor Mang - you're going to need it after our fight."

The fights:
The men had to find enough puff for six rounds of two minutes each. Melanie Müller and Jordan Carver had four rounds of 1:30 minutes in the "silicon class".

The TV team:
Ring legend Michael Buffer calls the boxers into the ring. Matthias Killing moderates the evening of boxing. At his side: co-moderator Andrea Kaiser. Frank Buschmann commentates the fights. Axel Schulz supports as expert with his knowledge of the sport. The Guano Apes perform live between the fights.

Celebrities at the ringside:
The fights of the celebrity boxes are followed by celebrity audience members including singer Costa Cordalis, moderators Annica Hansen and Mola Adebisi, former celebrity boxer Nico Schwanz, the "Celebrity Big Brother" ladies Janina Youssefian and Alexandra Rietz, Bachelor candidate Katja Kühne, singers Kim Gloss, Gaby de Almeida Rinne and Annemarie Eilfeld, actor Ralf Richter, pop singer Jürgen Milski, former boxer Torsten May as well as the brothel kings Kalle Schwensen and Bert Wollersheim, the latter with wife Sophia.


Producer: Andreas Viek
Host: Matthias Killing
broadcast: 27.09.2014