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Das große Sat.1 Promiboxen



Das große Sat.1 Promiboxen

The five duels have been determined: The fight for survival continues: Jungle diva Georgina Bülowius (22) dares to leave the wilderness for the ring.

Fist fight: Singer Marlene "Jazzy" Tackenberg (38) challenges jungle diva Georgina Fleur (22): "The bachelor didn't want you, but my fists do!"

Celebrity lightweights: In a battle of the generations, DJane and presenter Nadja "Naddel" Abd El Farrag (47) fights against Tessa Bergmeier (23). The model is ready for a fight: "You'd better watch it, or I'll knock your teeth out!"

In the men's corner, new dad Rocco Stark goes head to head with German rapper B-Tight. Making a comeback in the ring: Presenter Mola Adebisi (39) is lacing up his boxing gloves for the second time. Ten years ago, he won on points against actor Fabian Harloff. His challenger is actor Sebastian Deyle (36).

Mehrzad Marashi and Daniel Aminati will also battle each other. Presenter Daniel Aminati already participated last year and is in great physical shape. Who will go the whole distance? Who will drop early?

Let’s get ready to rumble: Ring announcer legend Michael Buffer will call the fighters to the ring for " SAT.1 celebrity boxing".

Matthias Killing will present the boxing evening with experts kickboxing world champion Dr. Christine Theiss and Ex-heavyweight Axel Schulz. Matthias Preuß will commentate the fights. Charlotte Würdig (formerly Engelhardt) will interview the celebrity guests at the ring.

"SAT.1 celebrity boxing" was broadcast on Friday, March 8, 2013, 8.15 p.m. live in SAT.1


Producer: Andreas Viek
Moderation: Matthias Killing