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Der Bachelor

Der Bachelor

Men like this are thin on the ground: about thirty, good-looking, with a good sense of humour, intelligent and charming. He has taste, good manners, style and is looking for true love. In a nutshell: he is a dream man. And he has to make a tough choice: "The Bachelor" has to choose the woman of his dreams from 25 candidates. No easy task for Mr. Right, as the ladies really are drop-dead gorgeous: attractive, smart and well educated.

In a villa in the South of France, he will meet them and get to know them over a period of six weeks. But his heart will only belong to one of them at the end of the series. A difficult decision, because the Bachelor will, at regular intervals, have to decide which of these dream women he wants to spend more time with – and which will be leaving – in the "Night of the Roses". Only those candidates who – at the end of each show – are offered a red rose and accept it, are allowed to stay.

The dream man and the ladies become acquainted with each other during exquisite group dates.

Whether being pampered during a massage or having a picnic on the beach at St. Tropez – this is where we find out who is on the same wavelength, this is where the first feelings between the Bachelor and the individual candidates develop. During romantic tête-à-têtes and over a candlelight dinner, our dreamboat can then get to know his "Queens of Hearts" in intimate one-on-one dates.

So, who will the Bachelor lose his heart to during the luxurious trip and romantic walks? How will the home visits with the parents of the final four candidates go? And what advice will his parents give when he introduces the final two women to them? Who, after the seven episodes, will he give the key to his heart along with the final rose? And will his dream woman accept the offer?

This format has been a huge success throughout the world. In the US, "The Bachelor" is meanwhile in its fourth season, and "The Bachelor" has also been a smash hit in France, Italy, Scandinavia and the UK.

The first season of "The Bachelor" was broadcast in Germany from November 19, 2003 to January 7, 2004 on RTL. The second season was broadcast with a bachelor women "The Bachelorette" from November 11 to December 22, 2004 on RTL.


Producer: Andreas Viek    
Host: Arne Jessen 
Start date: 19.11.2003    
Length: 60 min
Seasons: 2