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Der große RTL II-Promi-Kegelabend

The Germans love it and almost everyone has tried it at some point in their life: Bowling! RTL II sent 18 celebrities to the bowling alley! Six teams of RTL II celebrities went head-to-head in Winterberg in Sauerland. Carmen and Robert Geiss, Konny Reimann, the boys from "Der Trödeltrupp" and many other stars battled for the title in the live show "Der große RTL II-Promi-Kegelabend" [The Big RTL II Celebrity Bowling Night].

It is one of the most popular sports in Germany: Bowling. Whether playing professionally in a club or just for fun with friends – bowling nights promise one thing above all: All kinds of action and fun. At RTL II, the celebrities have now also given it their all, in the first "Der große RTL II-Promi-Kegelabend" on July 31, 2016. Six teams of three celebrities battled it out in three individual categories such as "High Numbers". One player per team bowled for victory. In the grand finale, all teams played together and went all out in several rounds. The team from "Trödeltrupp" was ultimately able to win the exciting competition!

The show was presented by singer and moderator Giovanni Zarrella and RTL II NEWS moderator Sandra Schneiders.

"Der große RTL II-Promi-Kegelabend" not only topped the social media charts, but also enjoyed wide appeal with viewers. A total of up to 1.57 million viewers followed the diverse battles between the six celebrity teams around Konny Reimann, Eva Brenner or the stars from "Trödeltrupp". From 8:15 p.m., 8.6% of the advertising-relevant viewers tuned in. With a 13.2% market share, the live show proved even more popular with young viewers (14-29 years old).


Producer: Jörg Grabosch
Hosts: Giovanni Zarrella und RTL II NEWS-Moderator Sandra Schneiders
Broadcast: July 31st, 2016