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No question about it, these people are all very special: They play in the league of the "10 most extraordinary millionaires" and the "10 most erotic women". They were involved in the "10 most titillating scandals" and they belong to the "10 biggest child stars". This is reason enough for the presenter Sonja Zietlow to pay a visit to some of the celebrities belonging to the select "Top Ten".

The presenter, whose adopted home is Munich, reviews the most sensational scandals of "The 10...". She elicits the beauty secrets from the most breath-taking women, and chats with people who already had successful careers as children. In the first episode of "The 10...", Sonja Zietlow presents "The 10... most extraordinary millionaires". They buy houses, yachts and cars like other people buy a new pair of trousers. Yet whether baseball “freak” Dennis Rodman or Playboy founder Hugh Hefner – they have all worked very hard for their millions. What is it like to have so much money in the bank? Are there still wishes which remain unfulfilled? Sonja Zietlow looks behind the scenes at the cash, dough, lolly.

Fame, success, reputation. At a very young age they achieve the things that many only enjoy later in life: "The 10... biggest child stars!". Actress Drew Barrymore is definitely among the Top 10. She became famous at seven at the side of "E.T." and then made headlines with her drug and alcohol excesses. Today, Drew is still to be seen as a successful actress on the cinema screen.

Actress Jennifer Lopez, model Heidi Klum, or film legend Marylin Monroe? Which of these women heads the list of the most erotic women? In "The 10... most erotic women", Sonja Zietlow chats, among others, with Heidi Klum about beauty, eroticism and sex appeal, and presents the viewers with the ultimate ranking of the most stunning women in the world.

In the fourth episode of "The 10..." everything revolves around "The 10... most titillating scandals". Who can forget Hugh Grant’s embarrassing arrest in Los Angeles? On 27th June 1995, the smart actor was caught being gratified by the prostitute Divine Brown in a public car park. What a scandal – and not only for prudish America! Actually, it was only intended for private use: The intimate snuggle video of the Baywatch star and Playboy Bunny Pamela Andersen, and her then husband Tommy Lee. But, unfortunately, it didn’t stay really private... someone got hold of the video, and the sex practices of the two love-birds became known world-wide. Sex bomb and rock star they might be: but Pam and Tommy probably would not have shown themselves so liberally for all the money in the world.

"The 10..." was shown for the first time on 6th March 2003 with the ten most moving events, presented by Oliver Geissen.

"The 10...." – from 26th January to 16th February 2005 Wednesdays at 9:15 p.m. on RTL.


Producer: Andreas Viek     
Host: Sonja Zietlow
Start date: 26.01.2005    
Length: 45 min
Shows: 4