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Die Bülent Ceylan Show

The popular Comedian returns to the screen with his personality show "The Bülent Ceylan Show" in January 2017 - so that we can not forget the laughter even in turbulent times. For "2016 was politically a cleansing, I want 2017 to be more fun again," calls the most famous Mannheimer Germany and promises to contribute its part. In six new episodes, the 40-year-old German Turk commented on the events of the week and unmasked with his distinctive humor prejudice, panicky and populists. Freaky and undaunted, Bülent faces the real and virtual madness of our time.

In every show Bülent Ceylan shows the whole range of his skills: current stand-ups, funny parodies, daring self-experiments and crazy studio-actions. Kaya Yanar, Dieter Nuhr, Carolin Kebekus, Ralf Schmitz, Chris Tall, Olaf Schubert and Martin Rütter are among the guests. The fact that Bülent Ceylan has made the Mannheimer and Kurpfalz known throughout Germany knows almost everyone. Now he is working for other regions of Germany! Because there are many traditions that are very special and each area has its own beating heart - and that is also good! Bülent wants to create attention for the peculiarities and to help the regions to be "accepted" and "integrated". Of course, this is only possible with a full body and always accompanied and with the help of a prominent friend.

The fifth season of the Bülent Ceylan show featured RTL from January 27, 2017 to March 3, 2017 - every Friday at 11 pm.

Nominations and Awards

Bülent Ceylan
German Comedy Award
Nominated for Grimme-Award


Executive Producer: Jörg Grabosch
Producer: Godehard Wolpers
Host: Bülent Ceylan
Seasons: 5