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Die Ingo Appelt Show

In his show, the first comedian of the enlightened post-feminism once again offers the golf generation orientation in the battle of the sexes. The age of helplessness is over, because Ingo Appelt shows us the way through the madness of everyday life in relationships between man and woman! "I look around, the men all have their dominant women and are feeling a little distraught, those are the ones I show the way.

Even if the way is to tell them: Guys, let’s all retreat. Our fighting dogs have been put to sleep, our cars are too expensive, soccer has gone to the dogs, and now they allow women in the army. So basically, the traditional refuge of the male has pretty much gone down the tubes. There are two options, either to dig your teeth in and hold on for dear life in desperation or to view the whole thing in a relaxed manner and simply say: We’re going to be really nice about this and not get upset!"

At first glance, Appelt appears to be the nice boy from next door. However, as soon as he opens his mouth, he transforms into a merciless provocateur. Appelt does not regard himself as a typical host, he sees himself as a "comedian in an enlightening role", who has to provoke if he is to find out anything about his audience. "I do not wish to tell a joke for the sake of telling a joke. Anybody who can laugh about me has the same problem as I do, so they are automatically on my side and I love them for that..."

The "Ingo Appelt Show" was broadcast from September until December 1999 on Thursdays at 10:15 p.m. on ProSieben.

Nominations and Awards

Ingo Appelt
Nominated for Golden Rose of Montreux
Ingo Appelt
Nominated for Grimme-Award


Producer: Martin Keß     
Host: Ingo Appelt  
Start date: 14.09.1999
Length: 45 min
Seasons: 1