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Die Pannenshow

Die Pannenshow

In "Die Pannenshow", Ingolf Lück presents the wittiest, craziest and most bizarre mishaps and blunders that the television year has in store. When the private parts of a national soccer star suddenly come out for a breather, the singing host falls off the stage, the talk show guest mistakes the microphone for a telephone or the anchorwoman loses her dentures during the news – "Die Pannenshow" discloses those incidents that others would prefer to simply sweep under the carpet and turns those unpleasant situations into unforgettable moments of television history.

Not a standard retrospective of a year in the lives of the stars, starlets and wannabes, but a fast-paced cracker of a show. This program shows neither politicians nor your laughing muscles any mercy whatsoever. Host Ingolf Lück ("Die Wochenshow", “Voll witzig”, “Der Doc”) glanced back – with his celebrity guests – at those moments that you cannot afford to miss. Ingolf Lück was supported by Hella von Sinnen, the expert on the pitfalls of teleshopping, the expert on etiquette Atze Schröder, the comedian Peter Pitofsky and the ambassador of sports calamities, Oliver Welke.

Television is merciless, because it reveals all and forgives nothing. "Die Pannenshow" shows even less mercy, it sees everything and forgets nothing! "Die Pannenshow" – was broadcast every January 1, 1999 until 2001 on SAT.1


Producer: Ralf Günther      
Host: Ingolf Lück  
Start date: 01.01.1999
Length: 70 min
Shows: 3