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"Elton!" is a new, weekly afternoon show for children and young people presented by Elton. In this show, the presenter takes a look at subjects of interest for pre-teens and teens and presents them in his own personal and humorous way. Elton welcomes celebrity guests to his "Show-Wohnzimmer" (show living room). Together they host crazy activities and experiments for lots of fun and good weekend feeling.

Young people with special talents have the opportunity to show what they can do and even challenge the presenter to a duel. Under the heading "Eltons TÜV" (Elton's Test), the presenter can test his own skills. For example, he has to race the brother-sister duo Perla and Phil, who are currently considered Germany's best young BMX talents.

Another funny segment is "Eltons Abenteuer" (Elton's Adventure), in which he trains as a maritime rescuer in the North Sea or is checked in at the airport as a living suitcase, just to name a couple of examples. And viewers, who have always wanted to play a prank on someone, can call on the presenter and his team for help in the segment "Eltons Auftrag" (Elton's Mission). Max, for example, wants to take revenge on his little brother. With Elton's help, he gives his brother a real scare at a dinosaur park.

Music for the new show is provided by popular musicians with their chart-topping hits as well as Elton's sidekick DJ Mitja.

Elton! is a Brainpool TV GmbH production.

Elton! starts Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 at 4:55 pm on KiKA


Producer: Godehard Wolpers
Host: Elton
First broadcast: Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 at 4:55 pm on KiKA