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Elton in Finnland
Elton beim englischen Junggesellinnen-Abschied



Elton reist

Yeah right, relaxed holiday! In "Elton on tour", the entertainer has no time for a breather. Beat a professional English soccer player in a penalty shoot out, send the food back three times in a luxury French restaurant, have his wallet stolen three times in Spain or sell a black, red and gold-painted mobile home to a Dutchman for 1,000 euro.

On his tour through England, Finland, France, Holland, Spain and Thailand, Elton had to complete six tasks in each country otherwise he was given an unpleasant forfeit - there are 1,665 steps to the second viewing platform on the Eiffel Tower for instance ... The first episode of Elton's travel documentary in Spain was aired on ProSieben on Saturday, June 11th at 11 p.m.; on Saturday, June 25th the Thailand trip was shown; and on July 2nd viewers will see Elton's experiences in France. More program details: July 30th (Finland Episode), August 6th (Holland Episode), August 13th (England Episode), August 20th (France Episode).


Executive Producer: Andreas Viek     
Host: Elton  
Start date: 11.06.2011
Length: 60 min
Episodes: 6