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Elton vs. Simon

There can only be One! Rich versus poor, man versus woman, big versus small. People have been fighting each other since the dawn of time. And only one can be the winner, and this is no different in the case of Elton and Simon Gosejohann. They are best friends, but also cut-throat rivals: Simon Gosejohann ("comedystreet") and Elton ("TV total", "").

The two comedians leave no stone unturned in making showing just which one of them is better, cooler and more successful.

The first battle took place on June 03, 2004: "Who can get by the longest without sleep?" After more than 60 hours in a medical sleep laboratory it came to a spectacular showdown between both rivals. Simon couldn’t keep his eyes open and Elton came off as winner of this battle. But Simon Gosejohann didn’t give up and challenged his friend and eternal rival in 2005 to six further battles."Who has the better sperm?", "Who has the better manners?", "Who can lose more weight?", "Who can earn more money?", "Who can survive the longest without using their arms?" and "Who can organize the coolest circus performance?" – Elton had his work cut out to defend his first-season victory. In any case, the two prepared for battle in an extremely professional manner. Illegal substances were not permitted, but that didn’t prevent Simon, among other things, trying to put an end to Elton’s virility using...

Because: "Fame and fortune awaits the winner, while total humiliation is reserved for the loser" – which happened to be the motto of "Elton vs. Simon".

The second season of "Elton vs. Simon" was broadcast from April 20, 2006 to June 08, 2006 on ProSieben.

Nominations and Awards

German Comedy Award


Producer: Martin Keß
Cast: Elton, Simon Gosejohann
Start date: 03.06.2004