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Elton vs. Simon - Die Liveshow

Even bigger, crazier, more spectacular, and, for the first time, LIVE – Elton and Simon Gosejohann, the fearless brawlers, are getting back into the ring. Host Johanna Klum gives these two eternal adversaries a series of charming, yet funny tasks. A prominent judge is there to ensure that the relentless showdown is fought fairly.

Who can push his physical limits while demonstrating his mental strength at the same time? Fame and glory await the winner, but the loser can expect his fair share of disgrace and shame. “You can expect more fun, more action and less sense than in any other show”.

Who can sit longer in a bathtub heated over an open fire? Who can hang from the runners of a helicopter longer? Who will emerge victorious in “pan” tennis? The two opponents, both oblivious to pain, will duel in up to 15 insane games. The show is divided into three rounds of five games each. The winner gets one point for each win in round one, two points for each in round two, and three points for each in round three.

Nothing is too bizarre for these megalomaniacal adversaries. Each wants to win at any price – after all, the alternative is a horrible punishment. The glorious victor will stop at nothing and use every trick in the book to humiliate the loser on live television.

"Elton vs. Simon - Die Liveshow" was broadcast on March 24, 2012 on ProSieben.


Producer: Andreas Viek
Host: Johanna Klum
Start date: 24.03.2012