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Elton vs. Simon - Die Show

Bigger, madder, crazier! Elton and Simon Gosejohann are the best of pals, but also bitter rivals. After two successful seasons of measuring their strength, these two guys have now moved their competition from the late-night slot to prime-time glory.

In each show, Elton and Simon compete against each other in a maximum of seven games. And it goes without saying that these two contenders reach their psychical and psychological limitations: who can guess the flavor of various cat foods? Who is able to attach the most clothes pegs to their face? Who can run at a wall the fastest? And who is able to carry more small change in their bathing shorts? The winner is the first one to win four games. Fame and honor for the victor, humiliation and shame for the vanquished! Because the loser awaits a truly nightmarish punishment as the winner is allowed to think up his own personal form of penalty. And those who know Elton and Simon know: this can only mean bad, bad times…

The eight prime-time shows were presented by Johanna Klum.

"Elton vs. Simon – The Show", eight episodes, every Tuesday from June 24, 2010, at 9:15 p.m. on ProSieben.

Nominations and Awards

German Comedy Award


Producer: Andreas Viek
Host: Johanna Klum
Start date: 24.06.2008