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Elton zockt - LIVE



Elton zockt - LIVE!

The successful ProSieben show "Elton zockt - LIVE!" [Elton gambles - LIVE!] went into the second round with a new set of rules. Even more Elton, short games, a clear structure and the usual level of destruction could be expected with "Elton zockt - LIVE!" on Saturday, December 7, 2013, at 8.15 p.m. live on ProSieben.

Elton is now gambling even more: In the second edition of "Elton zockt - LIVE!", the ProSieben moderator played directly against his challengers in every game. Elton was playing for his honor, while his components were playing for their beloved smartphone, the motorcycle they saved for over years or their family jewels - anything is possible. Because with "Elton zockt - LIVE!", the competitors bet personal objects of value on the chance to win 100,000 euros. If Elton wins, his competitor must bid farewell to his/her beloved item forever: His/her bet is destroyed in an entertaining manner before his/her eyes.

Clear structure, short games: With "Elton zockt - LIVE!", three candidates were given the chance to win 100,000 euros. They compete against Elton in twelve games of all kinds. In each round, the candidates bet a personal item. The best gambler went head to head with Elton in the final game, where 100,000 euros were up for grabs. Annica Hansen moderated "Elton zockt - LIVE!".

In April 2013, the first edition of "Elton zockt - LIVE!" achieved a very good market share of 14.5 percent among the advertising-relevant viewers. "Elton zockt - LIVE!" is a production from Elton TV in cooperation with BRAINPOOL TV and by order of ProSieben.


Producer: Andreas Viek
Host: Elton
Start date: 20.04.2013
Length: 300 min