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ProSieben has ordered the singing competition FameMaker, in which candidates can be seen, but not heard. Indeed, they sing under a soundproof glass dome, and therefore cannot be heard at all. It is only when one of the three “FameMakers” decides to take the candidate under his/her wing that the dome opens, and it then becomes clear to everyone if a real singing talent was hidden under it, or if the performance only looked great in appearance. Judges can therefore be lucky, or unlucky. Comedians Carolin Kebekus and Luke Mockridge as well as actor Teddy Teclebrhan are the “FameMakers”, that is to say the judges and coaches. Once their team is composed, the work begins for them: They must produce a song with their candidate for the final. The selected song should make the most of their talent. In the live final, viewers decide who has done the best job.


Executive Producer: Stefan Raab
FameMaker: Carolin Kebekus, Luke Mockridge and Teddy Teclebrhan