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Freispruch - Die Comedy-Jury

Freispruch - Die Comedy-Jury

Is the "Kahnness" continuing and the FCB and National goalkeeper, Oliver Kahn, really moving to Manchester United after the European Championships? Are the Europeans really tired of Europe? Is Nino de Angelo the true voice of "Modern Talking"? Is Camilla increasingly turning into Princess Diana? These, and many more, issues are the focus of comedians such as Oliver Pocher, Kim Fischer, Michael Kessler and Johannes Flöck.

Presented by Ingolf Lück, these and other creative minds from the German comedy scene focus on the top topics of the past few days – and speak their mind. In "FreiSpruch – Die Comedy-Jury!" everybody can determine whether the issue in question is "guilty or not guilty".

The bizarre, the surprising and the moving from not only the worlds of sports, culture and society, but also politics, are avidly discussed each week by Lück and his changing team. Is Chancellor Schröder spending his vacation is Italy again? How is the New President, Horst Köhler, doing? How explosive is the price of petrol still? And a look across the big pond is well-worth while as well. John Kerry versus George Bush, Democrats versus Republicans – who has the better marketing strategy? And talking of strategy. Who had the best one at the "German Grand Prix"? Who had the better engine, the better tires, the better nerves? And the Olympics in Athens and the moans and groans of the German soccer league are bound to provide an abundance of discussion material, as will the world’s stars and starlets. Who's dating who? New lips, new tits? Which Hollywood sirens are pregnant? Where’s the latest bitch alert? "FreiSpruch – Die Comedy-Jury!" has something on everybody and everything. And colleagues from film and television get their share of stick as well. One way or another, the comedians vehemently represent their own point of view. And presenter Ingolf Lück also gets in his two-penny worth as well. Viewers can support the sense or nonsense of the various opinions live and interactive and by phone.

"FreiSpruch – Die Comedy-Jury!" – a totally cheeky, sharp and politically incorrect view of the world (broadcast on ProSieben every Monday in July/August 2004 at 8:15 p.m.)


Producer: Jörg Grabosch     
Host: Ingolf Lück 
First Broadcast: 26.07.2004    
Length: 25 min
Seasons: 1