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Into The Wild – LUKE in Kanada

O Canada! In his comedy show "Into The Wild - LUKE in Canada", Luke Mockridge not only crosses the boundaries of laughter and pain, but even national borders. The entertainer, twice honored with the German Comedy Award, sets out on an expedition to his family roots: "Luke is a Canadian name, I'm a Canadian, my father is from Canada, I have a Canadian passport and almost every summer of my life I was in Canada. I wanted to fathom my roots and see how much Native American, Indian or fast food junkie is in me, and did some typical Canadian things."

The Italo-Canadian fights his way through wild nature and has an icy experience. More Canada adventures in "Into The Wild - LUKE in Canada" on Sunday, December 17 at 11:25 pm in SAT.1.


Executive Producer: Godehard Wolpers
Host: Luke Mockridge
Broadcast: December 17, 2017 at 11.25 pm in SAT.1